Favorite missing book quotes → Ron’s dueling advice

#I ALWAYS FORGET THAT HARRY AND DRACO AGREED TO A DUEL AND I’M DELIGHTED EVERY TIME I REREAD IT#especially cos harry showed up like HONOUR!#INTEGRITY!#and draco was like nah m8 i’ll dob u in#little fucker#it’s especially funny because when they DO duel in the second book#the only thing harry can really do is cast a spell that tickles draco so badly he cries#How To Nemesis by HJP

#But can you imagine if James had still been alive?#A letter arrives from Hogwarts saying Harry was caught out of bed after curfew and has detention#and then a letter from Harry arrives explaining that he had to do it#because he had to beat Draco in a duel.#And Lily reads it and just sits there with her head on their kitchen table going ‘oh god why did I have a child with you’#while James dances around the house singing about how amazing their son is.#Harry gets a reply a few days later#a letter from his Mum saying she’s disappointed and those rules are there to keep him safe and he should obey them#(Hermione reads that over his shoulder and practically cheers)#and from James#a gigantic box of chocolate frogs and a pack of stinkbombs or something with a note saying ‘for Draco’ (via thankyouforyourcooperation)

And then a very detailed letter from Sirius explaining to Harry 101 ways to beat someone in a duel and a list of useful hexes